Leaders Of The Cool Talent: Lynn Quanjel. A dutch positive creative girl!

Name: Lynn Quanjel

Age: 25

Profession: Instagrammer (@Whoisthatblonde), Model & Social Media Consultant

Lynn in three words: Positive, colorful & hardworking

Work & passion

CREATIVITY is what I live for!

My fashion style in one sentence

Feminine with a twist.

Favorite city

That would be Barcelona! I lived there for two years, and still miss it everyday. It has the perfect temperature, food, architecture, shops, party scene, people, mountains, beach… honestly I could keep going on and on about Barca forever 🙂


The Florist in Liverpool. It’s a restaurant that’s completely decorated like a florist shop. It’s a dream that becomes reality, especially for instagrammers and flower-lovers.

Food addiction

French fries! I could eat those every day. Especially with the authentic Dutch McDonalds sauce.

Where to shop?

To many! I love shopping at ASOS for special occasion dresses and at Comegetfashion for the latest trends. Besides these two favorite web shops, I just keep on surfing on the internet and instagram, hunting for everything else.


♥ @Vivanhoorn
♥ @Andathousandwords
♥ @Marta_sierra
♥ @Romydfonseca

Honestly, there are so many amazing instagrammers… it’s impossible to choose.

Beauty tricks and tips

Consistency is key! Nothing works if you don’t make sure you keep repeating it.

On my bucket list

Backpacking through south-east Asia. I have been wanting to do that for over 10 years already, but haven’t gotten the chance to do it yet. But It WILL happen though!



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